Map of Clementi

Map of Clementi

Clementi has both an MRT station as well as a bus interchange.

There are many of amenities around the Clementi area, namely the Clementi Stadium, West Coast Recreational Centre, West Coast Park and Clementi Woods Park.

The Clementi Stadium has a football field as well as a running track. At the West Coast Recreational Centre, you can find squash courts and bowling facilities(West Bowl). There are also many fitness corners and children playgrounds found around the West Coast and Clementi areas, typically situated around living estates such as HDBs.


Here are some of the buses that you can take to alight at these bus stops to get to Ginza Dental Surgery.

Transport from Bus Stop

Bus transport lines near Clementi

If travelling by train, alight at these stations and transfer to these buses to reach Ginza Dental Surgery.

Transport from MRT

MRT transport to Ginza Dental Surgery clinic near Clementi

You can easily travel from the town area to visit Ginza Dental Surgery! Here are some routes you can take:

Coming from Town

City Hall Mrt

City Hall Stn Exit B

MRT from City Hall Stn Exit B

From City Hall: 197 (City Hall Stn B) to Blk 610. Walk 3 minutes to Ginza Dental Surgery.

Orchard Mrt

Orchard Boulevard

Orchard Boulevard MRT

From Orchard: Take 106/111 (Orchard Boulevard) to Opp Blk 43, and take 196/198 to Blk 610. Walk 3 minutes to Ginza Dental Surgery.

Somerset Mrt

Somerset MRT

From Somerset: Take 106/111 (Somerset Stn) to Opp Blk 43, and take 196/198 to Blk 610. Walk 3 minutes to Ginza Dental Surgery.

Amenities Near Us

In the event that you might need to kill some time while waiting, or looking for something nearby, here are some places you can consider.

Amenities near Ginza Dental surgery
9 minutes from West Coast Plaza
West Coast Plaze


  • House of Traditional Javanese Massage
  • Jas-Indulge Body Massage
  • Nail Spa & Café
  • Le YanMiel Beaute


  • Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe
  • Sushi Tei
  • Starbucks
  • Wicked Greens
  • Toast Box
  • Sunny Korean
  • Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
  • Upin Hotpot
  • Thonglor Thai Cuisine
  • Wine Connection
  • Long John Silver
  • LIHO Tea
  • DishTheFish
  • Mon'n'Don
  • Oishii Bakery
  • Subway
  • West Co'z Cafe


  • Puma
  • New Balance
  • Refash
  • Cold Storage
  • Sakuraya Fish Mart
  • Watsons
  • Pet Lovers Centre
  • The Spectacle Shop
  • Challenger
  • Comics Realm
  • Japan Home
  • ToysLand
  • Love Link Jewellery
  • Anytime Fitness
Image of West Coast

History of West Coast

History of West Coast

Created in the 1970s, West Coast was created out of reclaimed land. The east became a recreational area but the west became a mostly industrial area. The western part of West Coast is largely industrial but the eastern and central parts of the area are mostly filled with private housing along with single HDB estates. The West Coast area is well connected, with West Coast Road and West Coast Highway as main roads. Along the northern boundary of Clementi West, Ayer Rajah Expressway is located.

The name Clementi was derived from 'Clementi Road' which serves the main road that leads into the area. Previously, it was named 'Reformatory Road'. Due to Boys’ homes situated in the area. In 1947, the Singapore Rural Board decided to reconsider the road name, and was named Clementi since then. Clementi was said to be named after Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, who was theVirst British High Commissioner in the Straits Settlements. Clementi has both an MRT station as well as a bus interchange.

Demographics of West Coast

Population Age

There are about 92,420 residents living in the Clementi area. About 15-20% of the residents in Clementi are aged 65 and above. There is less than 5% of children less than 5 living in Clementi. There are roughly 61,500 people living in Clementi that are from the age ranges of 15 - 64.


HDB flats
HDB flats at West Coast

Due to a large population of international citizens living in the west coast area, hence there were 3 international schools set up, including the Japanese Secondary School, Waseda Shibuya Senior High School and International Community School.

There are currently 4 local primary schools, 5 Secondary schools and 2 independent schools. Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SIM Headquarters, Singapore University of Social Sciences and the National University of Singapore (NUS) are situated nearby or along the borders of Clementi Road.