Is Dental Care Expensive in Singapore?

Have you ever been shocked upon seeing the bill for your dental fees? Ever wonder why it is so expensive?

Cost of Dentistry in the Heartlands of Singapore

Imagine the cost of a wisdom tooth extraction, the starting price might range from $400 to $2,200 per tooth while having to fork out the money yourself. Wisdom tooth removal is considered “cosmetic” surgery, thus it is not covered by insurance or Medisave. Many dentist at West Coast charge different fees for their services. It will be good if you can call up the dental clinic before committing yourself down for an appointment.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore

Singapore is known for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world with high functioning facilities and services available. Dental surgeons here receive general dentistry training and undergo an extra two to four years of further training which also means that the cost may be relatively high for their services.

One-third of people who wish to get procedures and check-ups done are worried about the cost and would search for alternatives in other countries with lower costs such as Bangkok and Johor Bahru, or other public health institutions. Of course, in today’s Covid-19 endemic, that is no longer a possibility. 

Common types of dental care service done overseas:

  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Complicated TMJ Treatment

So, how much does it cost to see a dentist in Singapore?

The average cost of a procedure in Singapore is estimated to be around $3626. Consultation fees can be as low as $16.50 for public clinics to $40 for private but dental treatment costs can vary from different clinics. As of 2019, Singapore’s dental care has the highest costs, making it expensive to foot the bill especially for significant procedures such as root canals, where it is not covered by insurance or Medisave. 

Procedure Average Cost:
Public Institutions
Average Cost:
Private Clinics
MediSave Covered?
Polishing and Scaling $46.90 to $89.50 $90 or above No
Braces $3,000 to $4,870 $4,066 to $10,700 No
Impacted/Wisdom Tooth Surgery $600 to $825 $850 to $1,200 Yes (Up to 80%)
Dental Implants $1,377 to $1,974 $700 to $5,350 Yes (Up to $1,250 claimable per tooth)
Crowns $650 - $786 $850 or above No
Root Canal Treatment
(per tooth)
$258 to $1,200 $500 to $1,000 Yes (Only for surgical treatments)

Here’s an example of the common go-to clinics in Singapore

Dental Clinic Location Cost (Consultation + scaling & polishing)
Polyclinics Islandwide $16.50 to $27
Private Dental Practice Heartlands $72 to $145
Private Dental Practice Town/Orchard Area $80 to $160


Based on observations, the table above provides a comparison of the different institutions with their locations and costs. It can be seen that Polyclinics would still be the likely “to-go” option for dental care in Singapore due to it’s relatively cheap cost. Dentists in the Orchard or Town area tend to charge slightly higher due to their higher rental and operating costs. 

Ginza Dental Surgery Patient Profile Image

Though it is recommended to have dental insurance on hand and visit the dentist at least once every six months, how do we reduce some of our expenditures while keeping a brilliant smile?

Don’t worry if some prices are out of your pricing range while requiring immediate dental care.

Here are some suggestions on how you can save money

  • The most important factor to consider is the institution chosen in getting your oral check-ups. There are two types of dental clinics in Singapore: public and private clinics. Private sectors grant you a convenient and efficient check-up without the need to wait in long lines and some private clinics even accept dental insurance. But if you are on a tight budget, it will be best to have your check-up done in public clinics.
  • Public institutions such as hospitals and polyclinics can contribute to lowering the costs by saving you thousands of dollars because of the government subsidies as long as you are fine with waiting in the long queue.


    Government Subsidy for Dentistry
  • Getting the help of undergraduates at the National University of Singapore would be a quick fix for you as they are, after all, future dental surgeons and specialists. It is cost-efficient where bills may be as low as $20 and a quick way of getting your appointment set by contacting the Faculty of Dentistry. However, do manage your own expectations as they are still would-be doctors after all.
  • Many Singaporeans are unaware of their employment benefits. Organizations provide dental insurance and dental health benefits as part of their corporate health care plan, with benefits capped at a particular amount. Simple dental exams, such as scaling and polishing, as well as minor operations, are usually covered.
  • In addition, you are eligible for discounts at dental clinics as may accept subsidy cards such as CHAS Blue, Merdeka Generation, Pioneer Generation, and CHAS Orange for operations such as denture, crown & root canal. 


Elderly Patient of dr. Tan Boon Eng

Though seeing dentists in Singapore can sometimes be uncomfortable and traumatizing at times, it may actually be worth the visit and money to go for regular check-ups in your chosen clinic while benefiting in the long run. Clinics are very accessible in Singapore as they are available throughout the country. If you are looking for a dentist around Clementi, you can drop by to say hi!

Patient of Dentist at Clementi

Well-trained dental surgeons and specialists will be able to identify problems with less time which can be solved sooner otherwise, it really is not worth spending an exorbitant amount upon finding out life-endangering dental health problems.

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